Saturday, July 6, 2013


What is peace of mind ! It is not mere calmness or superficial silence. Rather, it is the mind residing in one house and not several compartments. It is the merger between the thin airs of the mind and the soul. An amalgamation so pure that it glows with an amber hue.

The glow which dissolves in the confines of the mental space. And the soul is lit, with the feeling of warmth that dwells in its airy shape. It is afloat with the buoyancy that comes from inner peace. And worries take a retreat as bliss reigns supreme.

The gaiety is not momentary and persists within the soul. It guides you through the course of life like a jacket that keeps you from sinking into the depths and uncertainties of the world around.

They say, men have two legs, one is materialism and the other is spiritualism. If even one is impaired, we cant run the race of life. The race which is tiresome and dotted with tricky hurdles.

So, just look for the footprints, and the path to peace will follow....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

From breath to life...

Loose as the sand, 
Life flows from my grip.
Seeping through the crevices, 
Percolating into grooves.
As I lay basking, numb under its coarse grains,
I feel it playing hide and seek, 
Oozing from my every pore.
Just when the out pour overwhelms me, 
And I strive to escape the rigmarole,
The hour glass is suddenly turned, 
And in flows the sand again.
Filling me with life, 
Bit by bit, grain by grain.

Friday, May 31, 2013


As I stare out of the window,
Resting on the cool earthen surface
Reflections flush my mind
And desires flood my heart
The sweet nothings of the parrots
Cause me to steal a glance
And ripples tickle my puckered lips
As thoughts come and diffuse
How meandering life is
How fragile our grip on it
What is to become at the end of it
One hardly can perceive !

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bangalore Evenings...

Its cloudy again, its rainy again
How can I forget those late evening strolls
On the busy lanes of M.G Road…illuminated throughout
Colors dancing in the droplets of rain on roads
Cars throwing a pool of light amidst showers,
Passers-by struggling to cross the road with their colorful umbrellas
Airport buses taking a detour to drop passengers on their respective destinations.
As I call it an off after a long day filled with work and laughter,
I peep inside the Koshy’s to see if a chair invites me,
And alone I sit with my favorite bread-roll and chai
Submerged in the book which narrates tales of the café,
Of the visits of Kiran Rao in her favorite breakfast hangout
As numerous media men with suspicious countenance chatter
Sharing jokes and political views alike.
Some droop over a glass of liquor with their customary evening snacks.
And as I peep outside the wet windows, I can see K.C Das diagonally opposite to me
And plan the next evening with cutlets and chai
Or may be the cozy Indian Coffee House
With the fried eggs and the milk rose.
And it tickles me as I laugh on myself
As to which friend I shall grab arms of to savor another relishing evening !!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Patchworks of Fate

Threads fragile, Threads discolored by time,
Wasted away, scattered by the lack of human touch.
Caught in the whirlpool of destiny,
Spin along the curvature of fate.
Gaining hues, getting reunited,
Shaping up, being woven into
what seems like a patchwork unfinished,
Abandoned by the finesse of some lass.
Picked by the Craftsman, Girdled around His fingers,
Bound to His Craftsmanship, giving way to a yarn.
A yarn woven to cover the wilderness
To sheathe the nude
For all that reflects
In this man-made world
Are masks and silhouettes
Attires hiding shame
Apparels covering greed
To project only beauty
That appeals to the eye
The eye that sees the surface
And shuns what is beneath.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Amidst hollow spaces
Juggles my mind quietly
Playing with my shadows
In a fleeting attempt to catch them
Valleys of solace
Deserts of mystery
Oceans of treasures
Fill those spaces
And I walk through them
A sublime feeling gushes through
Making the spaces hollow again
New valleys, new deserts, new oceans again......!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Waltz

Dance, is perhaps the most celebrated form of art. Where music, painting, architecture, sculptures etc. are different manifestations of art, dance too is one of them. It is the path towards eternity. One can express almost all emotions through dance, be it love, jealousy, anger, affection or hatred. The journey itself is so beautiful that it leads to the meeting of one’s soul with God. Every gesture is a note of music hummed by the various parts of the body. Every swirl is like a huge wave raising its arms and embracing the waters. Every turn is like a whiff, a sudden breeze that causes eyes to blink. The tapping of toes scatters various colors in the ambience covering our eyes with hues. The amalgamation of gentle movements with bold expressions is a chant that leaves the spectator spellbound. Be it classical, folk, contemporary or freestyle, every form is inspired by the ancient teachings. The attire adds to the beauty of the show. Buns adorned with flowers capture the senses with their intensity. The application of kohl, henna  and paint elevates the ecstasy to undefined levels. The use of paddy grains to celebrate the harvest, wild leaves to please the gods and tribal accessories to mark their ceremonies hold special significance in respective cultures. Whats more is that it is not limited to any special community. Every individual can practise it at his/her own convenience. Not only a means of recreation but also a great stress buster, dance is a treat to the eyes and feast for the body and soul.